I am Anete Lusina, a female photographer who specialises in people photography. My love for boudoir photography grew as I saw just how much it can increase someone's confidence because as any other woman I have been there.

I have been so busy that I forget to treat myself and it can be the last thing on your mind. Our busy lifestyles often overlook the importance of how we feel and we sometimes forget to live "in the moment".


That's why I love shooting boudoir photography for women, men and couples because it's my way of giving something invaluable to you - a moment for you to fall in love with yourself.


With couples I enjoy seeing their connection grow stronger as the photoshoot goes on. Working so closely and intimate with someone is an experience neither I nor my clients will forget!


I regularly shoot myself which gives me the opportunity to better understand exactly what it feels like to be vulnerable in front of a camera, how it makes us feel about our bodies and self-consciousness. It helps me shoot women and men of all ages with more of an understanding.


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