Leeds, Yorkshire, UK

There's something about taking something oh-so-ordinary and turning it into a piece of art. Mind you, I don't claim to be a world renowned artist but what I do know is that if you trust your photographer enough to relax and go with it, art will happen. Emilia and I know each other, so we had a bit of head-start. But what we did not know was where this work will end up, what it'll look like and how much we'll end up gushing over it!


My style of 'arty moody bridal boudoir' is not just about the lingerie, the bedroom, the bare skin. As much as I like intimate shots, sometimes you want to stretch yourself a little bit more and throw yourself in the deep end. Our deep end was on top of a flat building in Leeds city centre, with traffic filling up around it, and the wind trying to steal our cheap Chinese veil.


So, as a future bride - what does this have to do with you? Well, as much as I enjoy shooting bridal preparations on the wedding day morning, booking a separate session where you can experiment, relax and enjoy yourself with no time constraints is something completely different! There are traditional brides, and relaxed brides, and alternative brides, so whichever category you fall in - you will have your own unique style and personality. This kind of shoot will suit contemporary brides who want the experience and memories of feeling like an actress and a model in her very own story.


While Emilia has got experience in modelling, you don't have to have it. Coffee, perhaps even a glass of wine (we had some to celebrate her engagement) for courage, lots of conversations about life and the silly little things, lots of laugher. There will be silly moments, but that's a part of the experience, too.


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