Grimsby, Lincolnshire, UK

Most brides have been there. Looking around on the web, searching for that perfect wedding day morning gift for her groom-to-be. It has to be something special but also personal and meaningful, right? Well, one bride in particular had been looking around, trying to find something, anything that would really make His morning.


And, that's when she contacted me. We came up with a wonderful idea to do a sensual bridal boudoir in their family home. The kids were away, the husband-to-be was busy at work, the house was all ready to go.


You can only imagine what he thought and what he felt when he opened that mysterious box on the morning of his wedding day. What did he expect? Maybe a personalised flask? Cufflinks? But instead, the love of his life had opened herself up to me to document her sensuality, intimacy and love for him.


Our shoot was playful. It was about the anticipation and the excitement of what she felt, and certainly what he felt when he turned the first page of the album.


This unforgettable gift was not just something for Him. It was also for Her. It was for Her to remember forever what it felt like before that big day of exchanging vows. It was for Her to never forget that she's a beautiful, sensual woman.

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