How I work?

I strongly believe that you don't need to become someone else to enjoy a boudoir shoot and create beautiful photographs. I happily work with make up artists if my clients choose to have one, and I always help out styling the shoot, but end of the day it's not about changing who you are, it's about bringing out your strengths, beauty and personality.


I primarily work with natural light, with occasional moments where just that little bit of extra artificial light is needed, because natural shadows will wrap around you and create depth that is extremely hard to recreate by using a large set up of lights. Not surrounding you with more equipment than is needed will help you relax and not feel overwhelmed.


The shooting itself is as important as is getting to know you, your thoughts on images and how you feel on the day. I don't push you beyond the level that you are comfortable, whether you choose to be clothed,  with sheer clothing, implied nude or fully nude. I like to personally show you a variety of shots before we start and hear your thoughts to determine what you're comfortable with.


Shooting to a "story" rather than stand alone images of specific poses and outfits helps the shoot flow nicely and that's what creates the book. It's the whole experience, from the beginning until the end.


You're more than welcome to let me know your favourite style of music, because that's an integral part of my shoots. Music helps you relax, and you won't feel the "awkward silence" with just the camera clicks. I also provide light refreshments and drinks.

Where I work?

I prefer to work at home (Grimsby, Lincolnshire). Why not studio, you may ask? Working from home allows me to have access to anything I may require on the day, literally anything! Also, getting to know the place I shoot from allows me to freely experiment in an environment that I know well. Sometimes, when you book a hotel room you're shown the best of the best images, but when you actually enter the room you may be surprised with small windows, not a lot of space, different colours or patterns in the room to what was shown, etc.


Because the room has been designed for shooting, it's easy for me to move the furniture and decorations around without the fear of breaking something or any other nasty surprises. Having my laptop at the desk also ensures I can show you a variety of images that we can discuss and we can look at the mood-board together.


And of course - the coffee! I can make you an endless number of cups of tea or coffee! :)


I am happy to accommodate requests for shoots outside of my home, of course! I'll try my best to ensure we have a lovely space to work from, whether it is your own home, hotel room or an Airbnb flat/house.

Why I edit?

In the industry, there's an endless debate about editing boudoir photography. Do we Photoshop out wrinkles, spots, body fat? Do we change the shape of your body and face? There are a lot of people who do and a lot of people who don't.


When I edit your boudoir photographs, I DO NOT change your body shape or smooth out your skin so much so you become unrecognisable. What I do, however, is enhance the image. I adjust the tones and emphasize your beautiful eyes, hair and other features, make minor adjustments without turning you into a plastic doll.


The most important thing is to get the right angle! Once I've got that, I only need to adjust my tones and make minor fixes, such as that stray hair that may have covered your face in the wrong place, or perhaps a clothing label that's come out unnoticed. Sometimes it's the removal of temporary blemishes that we all get at some point on our face and body, but I do NOT remove your beauty marks and other things that are PERMANENT.


Here's an example of a shot straight from the camera and my edit. Not a lot has changed, the image has simply been enhanced to make the client (YOU) stand out more!

Have you got any q's? drop me a message!

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